How to Install Robotics Tool Box


There is no need to install this toolbox. To setup this toolbox the following steps should be followed:Copy all the files and subdirectories of this toolbox to 'SCI/rt' (SCI is scilab installation) Run the scilab environment Input the command 'cd rtb'Input the command 'exec("./load.sci")'Then all the functions of this toolbox can be used in scilab environment freely.Remark If you want to run the demo, please be sure the opengl lib has been installed in your system.And then copy the directory witch is named 'SCI/rtb/gui/opengl','SCI/rtb/gui/opengluí»and 'SCI/rtb/gui/tkogl' to 'SCI/tcl/tcl8.4/(in the toolbox just offer win32 interface if you want run the demo on Linux please install the tkogl lib for Linux)'